What makes Music By The Glass so special?

“This is a special classical music series in that it tries to reach out to audiences that might not be so familiar with classical music... We wanted to created a series in which people can really see classical music at its best, at its most visceral self.”
Ran Dank, Founding Artistic Director

“We’re really harking back to those times when classical music used to be this fun, intimate, and social experience and you were this close to the performers so you could really experience it viscerally. Our goal is to combine great music, great wine, great conversation, and hopefully forge new friendships.”
Soyeon Kate Lee, Founding Artistic Director

“[Music By The Glass is] bringing together some of the most talented young musicians in the world, and also getting a base in an audience of young professionals.”
Nick Zager, Board Member

“Music By The Glass is creating a new audience of classical music lovers. Superb performances by Soyeon Kate Lee, Ran Dank and friends bring together young professionals in an artistic setting to meet, greet and listen together. I am proud to support this endeavor! ”
Susan Rose, MBTG Sponsor

“This group provides a riveting musical experience to their audience; power, passion, perfection both individually and collectively. Perfectly paired with delicious wines and a beautiful venue.”
Mary Miller, MBTG Sponsor

How can you get involved?

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